Option 1

approximately cost

Powder Room

AED 8,500

Our best price

Comparable price : 17,500

Remove and discard floor and wall Tiles

Remove and discard  w/c, sink, accessories

Application of waterproof

Install Floor and wall tiles

Install w/c, sink, accessories

*Tiles, W/C, Wash basin Separate


AED 14,500

Our best price

Comparable price : 23,500

Remove and discard floor and wall Tiles

Remove and discard  w/c, sink and accessories

Application of waterproof

Install Floor and wall tiles

Supply and installation of water-resistant false ceiling with LED lighting

Supply and installation of glass shower panels without door

*Tiles, W/C, Wash basin, Separate

Option 2

exact cost

please answer accordingly price depends upon your answer.

Bathroom Remodel at Its Best:

Bathroom renovation cost in Dubai depends on three factors- location, property interiors, and features desired by the client. A lesser known fact about the bathroom is that it can increase the resale value if it is renovated properly. Equipped with the modern and trendy fittings, a renovated bathroom also improves the aura inside. With our years of experience and knowledge in this industry, we’ve been fulfilling all renovation requirements by pushing ourselves beyond limit, and ensuring that budget doesn’t exceed the set limit. As a client-oriented company in Dubai, we strive to produce the apt results according to the client’s requirement. Our consistency has fetched us fame in designing bathrooms and it advocates for the acquisition of our services by clients in Dubai.

Help Determine The Goal

You must set your sights on added comfort and functionality. The average mid-range bathroom remodel recoups just 64.8% of its cost in increased home value. With this in mind, decide you need a simple refresh or a full remodel to get that practical and attractive result. Resurfacing, painting and adding a modern light fixture can make a bathroom feel new. But if your bathroom is poorly laid or outdated, a full remodel, overhauling everything from the shower to the flooring, might be the right way to do it.

Set Your Budget

Have a wish list and a list that contains all the things that should be in your bathroom without fail. When you set a budget, you can make sure that you do not exceed the amount that you have thought to spend on the renovation. This will also narrow down the options and will help you select the best designs for your bathroom. Also when you prioritise the important things, you won’t end up choosing and spending on things that aren’t necessary.

Choose us and get our professional designing services for your bathroom. We are the most company to get estimate bathroom renovation cost Dubai.

In Dubai, Stamp Technical Services LLC is the best option for Bathroom Upgrades. We are aware that the price of a bathroom makeover might vary based on the location, the interior of the home, and the amenities you want. Our dedication to providing great outcomes without exceeding your budget is what makes us stand out.

We go far and wide to satisfy your renovation needs since we have years of expertise in the field. Our professionals specialise in designing sleek, contemporary bathrooms that not only improve the atmosphere of your house but also increase its worth. We’re committed to making sure that your upgrading project stays within the allocated spending limit.

We can help you whether you only need a simple update or a whole revamp. We are aware that Small Bathroom Upgrades may greatly raise your home’s selling value. For this reason, we provide a variety of services, ranging from painting and resurfacing to complete renovations that change every element of your bathroom, from the shower to the flooring.

We advise you to prepare a wish list and rank the necessities for your bathroom to make the restoration process go more smoothly. This enables us to customise our designs to meet your unique demands and guarantees that you won’t spend money on pointless stuff. Our reputation in Dubai and our commitment to providing client-centred services speak for themselves.

Choose Stamp Technical Services LLC for Small Bathroom Upgrades services that provide economical peace of mind. Make your ideal bathroom a reality by allowing us to assist you in estimating your bathroom upgrade cost in Dubai.

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